How Anderson McTague has grown to serve you better.

Anderson McTague & Associates has been committed to outstanding service that meets your needs since J.A. Anderson started this company in 1937. Here are just a few of the many milestones in the history and growth of our Managing General Agency.

1949 – Incorporated as Anderson Insurance Ltd., including an Independent Brokerage.

1960s-70s – There were very few company branch offices in the Maritimes. The primary method of distribution for most insurers was through Managing General Agencies (MGA). MGAs who wrote most of the insurance policies in the Maritime Provinces.

1976 – Charles McTague joins the company, which is renamed Anderson McTague Insurance.

1980s – Changes in the industry saw the need for multi-line insurance MGAs fade. Charles McTague remained committed to the fundamental idea of a professionally run MGA, but focused on hard-to-place risks.

1984 – Charles McTague incorporated Premium Finance Services Ltd. to offer insurance premium financing to Atlantic Canada’s brokers.

2010 – Anderson McTague is one of the largest, if not the largest MGA in Atlantic Canada when it comes to hard-to-place property and casualty risks. Anderson McTague continues to grow and remains committed to providing Atlantic Canada’s independent brokers with customized, homegrown insurance solutions.